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Oceanit at OTC 2017
Protecting Coral Reefs
Assessing Damage After Disasters
Rapidly Pushing Technology to Market
Linguistics-Centric Approach to Artificial Intelligence
Corrosion Protection Coating for Pipelines
Our Core Competency: The Impossible

Our clients tell us we do the impossible. The question we get asked most often is “How did you do that?”

Delivering on the impossible is always challenging. The innovation process is messy even under the best of conditions. But our culture that creates an environment where people can bring out their best.

We call our process Mind to Market. This methodology works like this: We solve problems in many disciplines, based on “market pain.” Then we start a customer engagement process to validate that we are delivering on what the people actually can use. As a last step we initiate a process around delivery, either delivering via a spin-out, directly manufacturing, or developing a licensing agreement with an existing organization that has distribution channels. Each unique opportunity is treated differently, but all are driven to the market.

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Where some may see challenges, we see a world of possibilities. Join us in developing breakthrough technologies to make a difference in the world.