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  • Seeing Faster than the Human Eye

    Oceanit astrophysicists and data scientists helped solve a seemingly unsolvable problem—assessing a missile moving at supersonic speed. By collecting streaming data as the human eye does, one photon at a time, the Oceanit team was able to filter the essential data and provide the knowledge necessary for an immediate decision.
  • Fighting Cancer One Cell at a Time

    Oceanit biomedical and nanotechnology teams are developing a drug delivery platform that uses carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to target a payload of cancer fighting molecules only at cancer cells. At Oceanit, a world of innovation is unfolding every day.

Our Core Competency: The Impossible

Our clients tell us we do the impossible. The question we get asked most often is “How did you do that?”

Delivering on the impossible is always challenging. The innovation process is messy even under the best of conditions. But our culture that creates an environment where people can bring out their best.

We call our process Mind to Market. This methodology works like this: We solve problems in many disciplines, based on “market pain.” Then we start a customer engagement process to validate that we are delivering on what the people actually can use. As a last step we initiate a process around delivery, either delivering via a spin-out, directly manufacturing, or developing a licensing agreement with an existing organization that has distribution channels. Each unique opportunity is treated differently, but all are driven to the market.

Smart Solutions for Your Every Need

  • Oceanit’s engineers, biologists, planners, hydrologists, GIS specialists and field technicians work collaboratively to provide leading-edge design concepts that minimize environmental impact, comply with regulatory requirements, and allow for efficient implementation.
  • Oceanit focuses on helping organizations reach their maximum business value.  Our development of practical and innovative solutions starts with a human-centered approach to understanding challenges and uses state of the art tools and best practices to move our clients from reactive to proactive business strategies.
  • Oceanit is in the business of helping businesses improve their performance through change management assistance, processes analysis, information technology implementation, or operational improvements.

Award-Winning Innovations

  • FLASH is a hostile fire detection system based on disruptive infrared (IR) focal plane technology. FLASH is like no other system currently deployed, able to literally see the gunshot happen and fingerprint the weapon as the bullet leaves the barrel—it's that fast. FLASH saves lives.
  • ePoP empowers the average citizen during a major disaster or power outage to make off-grid phone calls, send text messages, and recharge their smart phones and mobile devices during a total communication and power outage.
  • The Mobile Emergency Response and Command Interface (MERCI) allows first responders to make quick, accurate damage assessments following a natural disaster by utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile devices to fill out forms, take photographs/video, and add GPS locations.

Creating Your Industry’s Future

With a culture that spurs innovation—from space surveillance to advanced materials and targeting cancerous cells—Oceanit creates disruptive innovation by fusing customer needs with our expertise in materials, applications, process development, and scientific knowledge.

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Where some see challenges, we see a world of possibilities. Join us in developing breakthrough technologies to make a difference.