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Maunalahilahi Beach Park

The Makaha Surfside Apartments on Oahu are located just landward of eroding shoreline, and have been damaged on several occasions by hurricanes and seasonal high waves at Maunalahilahi Beach Park.

Oceanit, under contract to the City and County of Honolulu, designed a temporary sandbag revetment to protect inland areas, a breakwater to reduce wave energy, and a restored beach. The breakwater is a rubble structure extending about 250 feet parallel to the eroding shoreline. The beach was built with 10,000 cubic yards of sand from an inland quarry. Oceanit dredged a permanent structural solution to the ongoing problem. Tasks included bathymetric surveys, characteristics of wave and current conditions to optimize design, and plans and specifications for a shore protection structure. Oceanit completed benthic marine biological surveys, environmental assessments, and all permits required for the project.