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CNET Features Oceanit Spin-Out, Hoana Medical’s Biometric Technology

The Active Wellness seat is the first system able to manage both noise and vibrations of the driving environment, while providing accurate feedback to ensure the physical and emotional status of drivers and passengers.

In a major advancement in automotive seating, Faurecia and Hoana Medical, Inc., a spin-off from Oceanit and leading medical technology company, have partnered to develop a biometric seat. The Active Wellness™ seat detects an automobile occupant’s stress and sleepiness levels and provides countermeasures to relieve these conditions.

Heart and respiration rates are monitored using unique contactless sensors, built by Hoana Medical, without affecting the comfort or visual aspect of the automobile seat. The data received is then used to provide individualized therapy via massage treatment and air flow through the seat’s ventilation system to energize or relax the driver, providing a more comfortable traveling experience.

Faurecia, a major player in the global automotive industry, first revealed the Active Wellness™ seat at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show and the seat will be exhibited at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Click the video link below to watch CNET’s Brian Cooley discover how this technology is transforming the automotive market and our driving experience.