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IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Mind to Market Technology Showcase 2019

Oceanit was in Houston last week for the Offshore Technology Conference 2019 and to host our own Mind to Market Technology Showcase at Oceanit's Houston offices.

Ten of Oceanit's Ohana traveled to Houston to welcome almost 100 partners, customers, journalists, and scientists to our offices on May 7th.  There, the team showed off products that ranged from advanced nanocomposite surface treatments to artificial intelligence, laser communications, and more.  This is the third iteration of Oceanit's Houston Technology Showcase, with the event being held biannually since 2015. Nanotechnologies and advanced materials being developed by Oceanit were found to potentially have profound impacts for energy sector in terms of safety, cleanliness, and efficiency. In 2019, Oceanit welcomed guests from across the spectrum of the global energy sector.

The centerpiece of our technology showcase was a live demo of ULTRA, Underwater Laser Telemetry and Remote Access. ULTRA is a revolutionary laser communication system for high band-width, subsea IoT - think underwater fiber-optics without the fiber. The cable-free communication tool makes subsea data transfer easy using point-to-point, tight-beam lasers. ULTRA has a much higher band-width than current laser and acoustic systems and is unaffected by noisy environments.

Oceanit Electro-Optic Engineer, Ishan Mons, demonstrated ULTRA by transmitting three simultaneous video files through a large, custom-built water tank. ULTRA can transmit and receive in full duplex, and Ishan demonstrated how the lasers can adapt and buffer data when something obstructs the point-to-point laser beams. This demo came one day after Ishan presented ULTRA at OTC, during a session on Robotic Technology Enabling Future Offshore Operations.

The Oceanit Materials team were also on hand to demonstrate Energy sector surface treatments that have already been adopted in the field, such as DragX, HeatX, and SCIN. HeatX is making a profound impact on carbon emissions and energy savings in several power plants around the world as we speak!

Representatives from several airlines and aerospace industry partners were on hand to check out AeroPel, Oceanit's icephobic and corrosion-preventing coating. Tests conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) showed AeroPel to reduce ice adhesion strength several orders of magnitude below any other commercially available coating. In tests at the Air Force Research Lab, AFRL called the technology the best icephobic coating they had ever tested.

Despite heavy rains, lightning, and flash floods in Houston on May 7th, the event was a great success.  We looks forward to working with the many new relationships developed last week. The future of our planet is closely tied to the decisions and innovations that happen in the energy sector, and Oceanit is excited to be increasingly involved in moving gamechanging technologies into the market.