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Oceanit Discusses the Secret to Innovation on Design Talk Hawaii

Posted May 29, 2015 in Design Thinking, Ian Kitajima, In the News

Design Talk Hawaii hosts Ian Kitajima and Raviraj Pare of Oceanit as they lead the challenge to help other companies adopt the design thinking approach towards innovation, while also delivering ground-breaking technologies that change lives.

If you’ve ever watched young children playing, you know what uninhibited creativity looks like. Toddlers will skip down the grocery store aisles and sing loudly at the top of their lungs without worrying about whether or not they will fall or be off-key. But somewhere along the way, many lose their confidence and will hold themselves back, fearing that they must know the answer in order to start and forgetting that failing is part of the learning process. That’s where the process of design thinking comes into play.

Ian Kitajima and Raviraj Pare of Oceanit recently joined host Matt Gilbertson on Design Talk Hawaii to discuss the importance of the design thinking process in generating innovative solutions to complex challenges. As Pare mentions during the show, “...the most important skillset that the next generation will need is not about knowing how to solve a certain thing, but choosing what to solve.”

Airing live on KGU AM760 Talk Radio, Design Talk Hawaii is Hawaii’s first radio show aimed at providing a new forum for thoughtful, informed conversations about diverse, creative, design-oriented topics in Hawaii. The one-hour show is unscripted, allowing guests to share what motivates and inspires them to do what they do best. Click here to listen in to the lively conversation on design thinking.