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IN THE NEWS | Patrick Sullivan on PBS Hawai'i

August 21, 2019 - Oceanit is proud to have PBS Hawai'i feature Patrick Sullivan's fascinating origin story on their Long Story Short program. Oceanit's Founder and CEO dove deep into his childhood education with Presenter, Leslie Wilcox, to share his personal journey and discuss why and how Oceanit operates the way we do, while staying right here on the 'aina.

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Intern Outreach for Hawai'i Schoolchildren

July 29, 2019 - Each year, the Oceanit Summer Interns give back to our local educational community by partnering with Helping Hands Hawai'i to host a school supply drive and fundraiser. In addition to the benefits providing school supplies to children and classrooms, this charitable tradition leads to a greater appreciation of the privilege that many of us have and awareness of the simple steps everyone can take to help keiki statewide. For the Oceanit Interns, this is a teambuilding and collaboration experience that they organize and lead purely as a team.

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IN THE NEWS | An Update from Dr. V on Geek Beat!

July 15, 2019 - From 2008-2012, Hawaiian families tuned in to Hawaii News Now for Dr. V and his morning segment called 'Weird Science with Dr. V'. He is, of course, our very own Dr. Vinod Veedu, head of Oceanit's materials team and Director of Strategic Initiatives.

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IN THE NEWS | Nanite Smart Sensing Cement Wins Award at ICWIM8 in Prague

June 7, 2019 - What if the roads we drive on were sensors for an interconnected, smart city? Nanite™ turns the road itself into the sensor, enabling real-time technologies such as traffic & congestion monitoring, adaptive speed limits based on the real-time flow of traffic, and dynamic roadway lighting systems for efficient use of energy.

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