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Oceanit’s ePoP Provides Communication during Disasters, Great for Hurricane Season

ePoP allows communications to continue even when cellular and internet services are inoperable following a hurricane.

Are you ready for hurricane season? Although experts are expecting this year’s hurricane season may be among the slowest on record, these predictions are no reason to let down your guard. Forecasts can be incorrect and a single, strong hurricane can still cause major harm and damage.

While the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season was a relatively quiet one, it only took one landfalling storm to create devastating loss and damage. When Hurricane Andrew made landfall, it was as a Category 5 hurricane that caused an estimated $26 billion in damages and substantial impairment to the power and communications systems in the Bahamas, South Florida, Louisiana, and other areas of the Southern United States.

Oceanit has developed a product that enables the average citizen to make off-grid telephone calls, send text messages, and recharge their smart phone and mobile devices during a major power outage or disaster. Powered by photovoltaics and batteries to operate 24/7, ePoP creates a low-cost decentralized communication infrastructure that allows citizens to keep communication flowing to improve public safety and security. A key feature of this portable and rugged product is its ability to operate without an internet connection and provide an instant emergency communication and power network.

For more information about ePoP, contact Oceanit by emailing or click here to learn more about oPoP.