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Coastal Engineer

Civil Works
Honolulu, HI (Oahu)



Design, plan, and perform engineering duties (specifications, estimates, and reports) to solve problems in the coastal environment.  Independently evaluate, select, and apply standard engineering techniques, procedures, and criteria, using judgment in making minor adaptations and modifications. 


Provisions of this position shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Technical
    • Prepares designs and plans related to various engineering projects including beach erosion and protection, beach nourishment, coastal structures, dredging, harbor design, and environmental monitoring.
    • Performs engineering design analysis, evaluations including hydrology and hydraulics computations.
    • Assists with environmental assessments and permits.
    • Analyzes coastal and oceanographic processes and the interactions among waves, currents, sediments, and structures.
    • Assists with collection and analysis of field data from land and hydrographic surveys and water quality monitoring.
    • Performs analytic and numerical
    • Prepares documents including project specifications, cost estimates, schedules, and other required project related work for obtaining regulatory approvals.
    • Conducts analysis of technical products and systems and prepares plans for implementation.
    • Participates in client or customer coordination and planning meetings and includes customer liaison with regulatory agencies.
    • Prepares engineering design reports, basis of design reports, and other technical studies.
  • Management
    • Conducts report preparation for submittal to Project Manager and Technical Director-Engineering.
    • Conducts in-house training for Staff Engineers.
  • Other
    • Support proposal efforts identified by Project Manager
    • Participates in team effort to develop innovative ideas, strategies, and tactics to support engineering business development and marketing

Other duties as directed


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering with coastal experience required; Masters’ or PhD with coastal engineering emphasis desired.
  • Proficiency with Office computer applications (AutoCAD, MS Project, Matlab, MathCAD, Civil 3D, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.),
  • GI experience required.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills required.