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Lab Manager

Science and Technology
Honolulu, HI (Oahu)

The Lab Manager performs a broad range of duties including: leadership of the development and maintenance of laboratory safety policies and procedures in compliance with safety and quality working standards, developed, interpretation and implementation of quality and safety policies, management of quality systems, facilitation of regulatory compliance assessments, management of quality assurance operations to support the manufacturing, testing, and release of finished products under standards and internal procedures, and preparation, testing and evaluation of new products.



  • Works with the Chief Scientist (CS) and Safety Committee in providing advisory service to all staff regarding compliance with safety standards and protocols in the Health & Safety Manual and promotion of safety in the laboratory.
  • Identifies lab safety training needs and coordinates the lab safety training program.
  • Assists in ensuring that safety equipment and personal protective equipment are available, functioning properly, and used appropriately.
  • Organizes and directs laboratory cleanup efforts. Coordinates logistics of hazardous waste disposal.
  • Maintains documentation of Oceanit’s safety plans, signage, lab emergency information forms and Safety Data Sheets.
  • Works with Human Resources in reporting any incidents and/or injuries. Conducts investigations on any violations, directs self-reporting to appropriate groups, coordinates remediation efforts as necessary, and maintains log of safety concerns.
  • Coordinates and documents regular safety reviews and inspections. Works with the CS and the Safety Committee in remediation of any safety concerns.
  • Manages the QA operations to support the development, testing and release of finished product.
  • Develops, implements and assures compliance with all quality procedures and directives;
  • Manages in-process and finished product inventory for effective up-to-date tracking on all batches at various stages of QC.
  • Manages documentation, reporting, and closure of compliance issues; reviews relevant documents for compliance with company SOPs, quality systems, and regulatory requirements;
  • Oversees investigations, including nonconforming products, client complaints, laboratory safety and incident reports, and is responsible for ensuring that corrective and preventive action are taken. Ensures all investigations are performed and closed in a timely fashion. Monitors and report adverse events;
  • Provides guidance, interpretation, support, training, and input on the interpretation and implementation of regulations, guidelines, company procedures, and policies. Participate in or lead teams for special projects as assigned.
  • Develops and works with staff to implement quality process controls relating to all areas of operation, including the following systems: quality, facilities and equipment, materials management, production, packaging, and labeling;
  • Uses scientific and engineering principles to assist in the development of new materials, processes, technologies and products in line with the growth strategy of the company.
  • Performs chemical synthesis, characterization/testing of materials’ physical and mechanical properties, and data analyses.
  • Prepares documentation of development and testing work as needed.
  • May assist with responses to government solicitations that are in line with the company’s strategy to secure funding for R&D activities.
  • May assist with projects or product delivery activities


  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology or college-level coursework with 5 years of lab management experience, required.
  • 5 years of lab management experience, including lab safety management.
  • 5 years Quality Assurance lab experience; 2 years of which includes supervising / managing quality assurance in a hands-on laboratory environment.
  • Strong analytical skills coupled with an ability to objectively evaluate data and perform statistical analysis
  • Excellent interpersonal skills (including listening, writing, negotiation, facilitation, attention to detail and presentation skills)
  • Good project management, organizational, written, verbal, interpersonal, and time management skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications, (Excel, Word, Access & PowerPoint)