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Senior Network Engineer

Honolulu, HI (Oahu)


To provide senior network engineering technical and strategic services to help define how the enterprise should be integrated with business and business priorities. Our vision is that network needs to maintain the highest security standards, yet should be more than basic connectivity, bandwidth for users and access to applications and services. Instead it needs to offer an end-to-end functionality together with centralized control which helps business agility and growth with corporate strategy and culture.


  • Routing and Switching, WAN Optimization, VPN and Remote Access, LAN/WAN Connectivity, Wireless, Firewall management and configuration, and Network Management Software.
  • Lead and assist in the implementation of various cyber security initiative projects
  • Work with cross functional team to help implement network security architectures to fortify the overall security of network environments
  • Provide security auditing expertise and guidance including SIEM report review capabilities, SIEM and log management review including the ability to remediate issues.
  • Documentation of technical engineering procedures for use by other IT team members
  • Perform knowledge transfer within the IT team and collaborate to improve efficiency and a positive work environment.
  • Work with the corporate FSO and ISSM to ensure that the overall security posture of the organization is within industry accepted practices
  • Assist in vendor negotiation and RFP/RFI process for larger initiatives
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • 4 years network administration experience required.
  • Have taken college-level coursework or comparable in network administration.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills designing and managing networks, cyber-security, network trouble-shooting, required.
  • Must be eligible for a security clearance.