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The Oceanit Difference

At Oceanit, we continuously question the status quo in order to change things for the better. See how we’re envisioning a new world of possibilities.

Case Study


Future Vision: Harnessing the Power of Streaming Data

Challenged by an urgent national security need, the Oceanit team responded by melding knowledge from diverse specialties such as astrophysics and computer science to deliver a solution with existential implications.

The Problem

A missile racing toward friendly forces at supersonic speed must be assessed in seconds.

The Solution

Oceanit’s team adapted StreamLenz to integrate and analyze multiple high-rate data sources to inform rapid decision-making.

By mimicking the human ability to process visual data, StreamLenz collects and synthesizes streaming data one photon at a time. StreamLenz analyzes massive data feeds to provide the essential facts.

With machines changing so many facets of our lives, it is not surprising that incredible advances in data processing now enable sensors to transform enormous streams of data into actionable information.

StreamLenz and the technology behind it are suited to a host of other private and public sector applications where there is a need to leverage quantum data to measure performance and enhance effectiveness.

In healthcare, enhancements to human vision enabled by StreamLenz may one day include a functional robotic eye.
In the oil and gas industry, StreamLenz eliminates vibration from previously unusable video captured on oil platforms, restoring critical safety functions.
As a tool for artificial intelligence, StreamLenz can process visual data and integrate it with sensor data streams for superior decision support.

The ability of StreamLenz to process and analyze streaming data opens a new world of possibilities to discover and utilize knowledge in your operations.

Oceanit can show you how.