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Design Thinking

Like Nanotechnology, which has transformed Oceanit's innovation process, Design Thinking is expected to be as transformational. It is a problem solving and design philosophy and PROCESS that can be taught and practiced. The majority of innovation or applied research companies can best be described as “technology-push” vs. “market-pull” oriented because of their strong engineering and science cultures focused on applied research, mostly for the Federal government. As these companies mature, it becomes clear that innovativeness and competitiveness based solely on tech superiority, which may be acceptable for Federal customers, is unacceptable for the majority of non-federal commercial market customers.  What is missing is a human-centered approach to product development.  Missing are the human-centered problem solvers and the holistic “Design Thinking” approach made famous by David Kelley of IDEO and the Stanford Design School. Oceanit began the long term process to learn and practice Design Thinking in 2010. In 2011, Oceanit co-founded the annual "Design Thinking Hawaii Stanford 3 day Bootcamp".  See pictures from the 2011 Bootcamp. Below is a great video about the Design Thinking process.

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