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Information Systems: AURA

AURA is an augmented reality (AR) viewer that provides visual feedback and alerts about objects of interest in a real world environment.  

Challenge: Currently, field data collection & reporting capabilities are rudimentary, forms based, one-way data submission tools. Current devices have no capabilities for the following features: peer-level information exchange, geospatial initiation for event/POI creation, and geospatial historical orientation for user. Data collection is a commodity. This next generation tool must facilitate success at all points on the knowledge creation/consumption spectrum.

Innovation Delivered: AURA provides mobile situational awareness and can be used as a training and briefing tool.  Using off the shelf smartphones such as iPhones and Androids, AURA is a private app that can GPS tag and navigate to objects of interest.  Real-time push notifications and alerts and microblog team communication help to provide mobile situational awareness.  Key benefits include the identification of nearby objects of interest using a 360° real-time AR experience. 

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