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Information Systems: Geospatial Awareness

Real-world problems occur over time and space.  Spatial analytics add another dimension for understanding data and complex relationships.  Oceanit’s Geospatial Awareness services focus on visualizing, modeling, analyzing, and sharing geospatial information.  Using the latest Geographic Information System (GIS) tools from a wide variety of technologies (ESRI, GoogleMaps/Google Earth, WorldWind), Oceanit uses best of breed solutions to fit the problem at hand.

Integrating 3D modeling and mapping with tools such as AutoCAD and 3ds Max (3D Studio Max), we are able to model, animate, and render scientific and engineering scenarios. Utilizing the latest ENVI image processing software and IDL scientific programming language, we are able to perform spectral image processing and image analysis on the most complex data sets. Geospatial data is delivered via Mobile GIS solutions as well as through Oceanit command and control systems such as Inspecta, MERCI, and ARMS.

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