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Information Systems: INSPECTA™

Inspecta™ is Oceanit’s integrated suite of tools designed to improve efficiency and assist with compliance and safety. Inspecta™ is a flexible, modular, platform technology that can be used across multiple industries. At the beginning of our projects we use a Design Thinking process to help with business process re-engineering to come up with the best solutions for our client’s. We always recommend best in breed enterprise solutions when appropriate, but when an inflexible vanilla solution won’t do, Inspecta™ provides a modular solution that can be customized to fit a customer’s requirements.

An intuitive user interface provides comprehensive dash-boarding capabilities and easy to use navigation throughout the entire system. Major modules include mobile inspection management, audit tracking and enforcement, permitting, scheduling and time keeping, Geographic Information System (GIS) integration, document management, maintenance and activity history, graphics and multi-media libraries, sensor integration, automated alarms, and data visualization and reporting. Inspecta™ has been deployed in a number of vertical markets including the following: environmental compliance, permitting and enforcement, dam safety, inspection management, land asset management, and sensor integration and reporting.

Challenge: Our client had many legacy systems that ranged from hardcopies filed away, to spreadsheets, to video, photos and more. There was no easy way to look up information quickly and thoroughly. They were also doing inspections manually with paper and pen in the field and then entering data back at the office. This process introduces high potential for errors along the way.

Innovation Delivered:  Oceanit's INSPECTA synthesized all of the client's disparate data into one comprehensive database that was easily searchable. INSPECTA also includes a mobile application for entering inspection data into a handheld while in the field that gets uploaded realtime to a command center. Oceanit originally developed Inspecta to support work on dam safety for the State of Hawaii. It integrates best in breed industry-leading software with Oceanit custom developed software into a common, intuitive situational awareness platform. 

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