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MISER (and Smart Sockets)

MISER (Oceanit's Wireless Smart Socket System) is an information system that provides real-time monitoring, control and feedback of energy usage at the socket level or in aggregate form as an estimated real-time electricity report. A couple of local vacation resorts are now testing pilot programs of Smart Sockets in their rooms. Click here to read more about the pilot program.

Example: Information from Smart Sockets plugged into a room's air conditioner is wirelessly transferred to the MISER system. In the pilot program, it was identified that the current rate of energy usage for hotel rooms facing the afternoon sun was significantly higher than the hotel's daily average level of usage.  Smart Sockets in that same hotel also identified that there were 203 refrigerators turned on in hotel rooms that did not have guests checked in.

Challenge: Cut energy usage, but how much energy is being used right now in our operations?  What can we do to control our usage before the electricity bill arrives?

Insight: Real-time information can change behavior.

Innovation Delivered: Each smart socket provides real-time energy usage at the socket level, and wirelessly transfers information to the MISER system. MISER creates a real-time usage profile for an operation, but also provides the controls to manage usage via a web browser on a desktop computer or on a smart phone.

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