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All kinds of disasters occur throughout the world on a daily basis. myMERCI will help you prepare for a disaster and recover your losses. With myMERCI, you can record information about disasters that happen to you, your loved ones and your property and upload them for safe keeping to a secure server. You can document a 'baseline' of pre-disaster conditions of your property and save it for future reference. After a disaster, you can create a report to document post-disaster conditions. Your reports can include photos and videos that will automatically be geo-located. Both your baseline and post-disaster reports can be used as evidence of damage for insurance and FEMA reimbursement purposes.

myMERCI can also be used to report damage in your community so the information is available to the public, government officials and other responders who can use the information to aid in disaster assistance.

The myMERCI app is available for download for FREE on the iTunes store. 



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