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Nanite (Smart Concrete Technology)

Nanite™ transforms the power and possibilities of cementitious materials when used in design, building, function and maintenance. The integral part of NaniteTM is a hybrid nanomaterials based additive, which transforms traditional concrete into a highly durable and inherently sensing smart concrete with multifunctional properties. In 2008, Nanite™ won the NASA Nano 50 award which recognizes the top 50 technologies, innovators and products that impact nanotechnology and industry.

Nanite™ shows significant promise as a self-sensing concrete for bridges, roadways, and other critical infrastructure for perimeter security, intruder detection and tracking, and early detection of failing infrastructure. Nanite™’s sensing capabilities have been field demonstrated in different scenarios, such as fenceless perimeter for the Department of Defense, self-monitoring bridge for the Department of Transportation, etc. The radiometric and piezometric functions of Nanite™ work together to provide detection of human beings and classification of vehicles. The sensitivity and accuracy of detection are adequate for outdoor and indoor security systems, where low profile, or integrated sensor technology is required.

The security application package of Nanite™ includes a self-sensing concrete (designed to the specific needs of the customer), long distance communication (wired or wireless), and situational awareness software for detection, alerts, tracing, tracking, as well as a platform for the integration of other sensors and other security systems. 

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