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Nanotechnology is the science of experimenting with microscopic particles to improve the performance of existing materials such as paint and concrete, as well as coming up with new multifunctional coatings, polymers and admixtures. Nanotechnology deals with materials at the nanometer scale – where ordinary everyday materials exhibit weird but sometimes revolutionary properties. Below are a few examples: 

  • Life Science - smart drug delivery system, biosensor that measure in the parts per trillion, and lasers that treat traumatic brain injuries (TBI) without drilling.
  • Advance Materials – hearing protection, sensing concrete, and super hydrophobic/hydrophilic materials.
  • Coatings – anti-corrosion, anti-biofouling, and fire retardant coatings
  • Energy – fuel cell membranes for hydrogen, methanol, JP8, and cellulose fuels

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Nanotechnology's Big Future