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Originally developed and successfully tested as a military application, Anhydra is a scalable surface treatment process that achieves super hydrophobicity to improve water and ice repellency, prevent corrosion and abrasion, and increase survival rates under extreme temperature.

The Anhydra surface treatment process modifies metal surfaces and coats them with a proprietary nanomaterial-based solution to achieve extreme superhydrophobicity. Anhydra treatment is suitable for modifying metal surfaces to enable water, ice, and snow repellency and prevent corrosion, reduce drag, and perform over a wide range of temperatures and pressures. The surface treatment process is performed on metallic substrates of any size and shape and the coating is applied through dipping, spraying or brushing. The combination of excellent icephobic and hydrophobic properties, along with increased durability, positions Anhydra as a highly suitable coating for windmills, bridges, communication towers, cables, and domes.

  • A permanent hydrophobization process
  • Highly scalable process, suitable for metallic structures of any size and shape
  • Excellent temperature and pressure stability
  • Prevents biofouling, ice and snow accumulation, and water penetration
  • Resists corrosion, abrasion, and erosion
  • Reduces drag and improves flow in pipelines