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Situational Awareness (SA) is one of the most over-used phrases in the military. There are numerous SA systems that provide the command center with real-time awareness of a problem in time and space. Coalition Localized Urban Enhancement (CLUE) is a SA tool deployed on a commercial of-the-shelf device. The two components include mobile handheld application and command and control web interface. This allows field users and the command center to quickly and easily visualize points of interest, capture and transfer geolocated rich media, and work in both online and offline conditions.

What separates CLUE from other SA systems is its ability to provide spatial and contextually relevant information to the person in the field—the same rich information that is available in the command center, including access to live sensor feeds, historic information, augmented reality (AR) views, and peer tracking.

CLUE can be used in a variety of markets requiring users to be aware of their surroundings and able to communicate their observations to their counterparts. The augmented reality viewer provides visual feedback and alerts about objects of interest in real world environments. Real-time push notifications and alerts, and microblog team communication helps to provide mobile situational awareness. Key benefits include the identification of nearby objects of interest using a 360-degree real-time AR experience.

  • Uses commercial off-the-shelf hardware
  • Capture and display geolocated multimedia information
  • Augmented reality view and tours
  • Built in peer and group instant messaging
  • Allows field users and command center to quickly and easily visualize points of interest