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Partnering with the U.S. Marine Corps, Oceanit responded to an interesting challenge – could we produce an inexpensive material to dry a pair of boots in 6 hours or less. Oceanit’s functional fabric technology, which utilizes super absorbing nanofibers, provided extraordinary performance by drying wet boots without energy or heat from fires.

Oceanit’s functional fabric incorporates super absorbing polymers into the woven cloth, a 6.5 ounce DrySAF towel can hold up to 2 liters of water, 10 times its weight in water absorption. DrySAF towels are able to dry a pair of U.S. Marine Corp RAT (Rugged All Terrain) boots in better than 6 hours, enabling the interior to feel dry to the touch at conditions of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 percent relative humidity. Air drying under the same conditions can take several days.

  • Ability to dry wet boots and clothing without power or heat
  • A wet t-shirt dries in 30 minutes, lightweight pants in 60 minutes, and boots in 6 hours
  • Lightweight, simple, easy to use, disposable, and low cost