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EverPel is an advanced coating technology designed to repel water and oil-based solutions and impart chemical resistance to surfaces exposed to extremely corrosive, mixed-flow, high pressure, and high temperature conditions.
EverPel coated pipe and water droplet
Pipe not coated with EverPel and water droplet

EverPel is a chemically inert coating unlike any other surface protection technology. It is an advanced nano-treatment that reduces drag resistance while preventing corrosion within existing pipelines. This coating has the ability to not only prevent corrosion, but can be applied in-place to corroded pipelines, valves, and other metal parts without disassembly or re-installment.

EverPel is also capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures, high pressures, and marine environments without deterioration of the product’s quality.

EverPel’s advanced hydrophobic properties can be used as an anti-biofouling coating to reduce algae and mussel growth on buoys, boats, and other submerged objects; increase flow of pipes with drag-reducing capabilities; and applied to surfaces for self-cleaning purposes.

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  • Reduced pipeline drag resistance
  • Flow assurance
  • Mechanical Durability
  • Internal pipeline rehabilitation