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Originally developed for the Department of Defense, Fast as Light Assessment of Snipers and Hostile-fire (FLASH) focused on identifying hostile fire (gunshots) aimed toward the military. Threat location and weapon type were main concerns, along with the ability for the proposed system to located at a fixed site or small and rugged enough to be used on mobile platforms.

Oceanit developed FLASH, a hostile fire detection system based on disruptive infrared focal plane technology, after years of research. Unlike any other system currently deployed, the product is able to literally see the gunshot happen and fingerprint the weapon as the bullet leaves the barrel -- it's that fast.

  • Precision hostile fire detection and tracking
  • Detects and locates hundreds of simultaneous targets (<0.1% false alarm rate)
  • Provides automatic cueing for counter-fire systems, countermeasures, and radar
  • One million times faster than acoustic systems for rapid threat location and identification and warning
  • Easy to integrate with countermeasure, detection, or response systems
  • Static, multiple unit system to monitor and store weapon fire event details
  • Airborne sensor capable of simultaneously detecting and localizing hundreds of targets