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HeatX is Oceanit's revolutionary nano-coating, specifically developed for the Energy industry and optimized for performance under extreme conditions. HeatX reduces maintenance and downtime costs for heat exchangers by combatting biofouling and corrosion.

Oceanit’s HeatX coating, a highly advanced coating developed and demonstrated for oil and gas application is a low adhesion, high pressure, high temperature stable, omniphobic (oil and water resistant) coating that is well suited for the prevention of barnacle and biofouling growth on the tubes.

Due to the extremely low surface energy of the HeatX coating, the coated surface will be extremely slippery and will minimize barnacles' ability to bind on the surface and grow. HeatX does not contain any harmful biocidal compounds that are commonly found in other antifouling coatings, so the final resulting surface is inert to both water and oil based liquids.

HeatX coating is a water-based formulation and can be applied on to even unprepared corroded surfaces to achieve the full benefits. In addition, the overall thickness of the HeatX coating is less than 4mil DFT and does not affect the overall heat transfer function of the heat exchanger unit.

Learn more by visiting the HeatX website.

Or contact Oceanit for more information.

  • Water-and-oil compatible nano coating material allows for use in mixed-phase and oleic systems.
  • Extreme thinness of the nano coating (< 4 mil DFT), allows for negligible change in exchanger thermal efficiency.
  • Treated material is compatible with a variety of different inspection techniques (eddy current, boroscope, leak-testing)
  • Resistant to abrasive wear due to particulate contaminants.
  • Capable of surviving intake silt from unprocessed, unfiltered sea water.