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Concrete, cement, and other building materials haven't seen any radical changes in the last 100 years. However, with advancements in technology there was an opportunity to turn cement from a dull building material into a smart, interactive source of data. Oceanit’s Nanite sensing cement technology has significant potential to assure, monitor, and mitigate issues related to wellbore integrity and zonal isolation.

Oceanit used hybrid nanomaterials to develop a proprietary liquid admixture that can be dispersed into bulk cement during the mixing process to yield stronger, durable, and “smart sensing” cement. The modified cement takes advantage of an inherent sensing capability for reversible sensing of mechanical, acoustic, and magnetic signals.

Nanite can be incorporated into the existing cement formulation or deployed in different forms, which are integrated with a signal processing and monitoring system. The key innovation is a simplified process to produce an admixture allowing uniform dispersion of nanomaterials into the cement matrix. The result is a cost-effective and simplified process to introduce multifunctional properties and increased performance to concrete, while introducing inherent sensing capabilities.

  • Built-in structural health monitoring, allowing early warning for catastrophic structural failure
  • Significant improvements in durability and crack resistance
  • Oil and gas cementing applications for well integrity and zonal isolation
  • Smart highways and weigh-in-motion applications