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AI on the edge: Neuromorphic Edge Real-time Reasoning Operations

NERRO is a breakthrough AI hardware technology that enables industrial edge computing in high performance environments. The AI semiconductor is opening new frontiers for field-based smart sensors, IoT, and remote cognitive computing applications. 

NERRO's edge computing capability delivers unique value for applications in areas of limited or no connectivity, situations when latency is of high importance, in areas that deal with sensitive information and heightened cyber security risks, or if distributed AI capabilities are critical. The NERRO AI chip is field trainable and can be integrated with existing in sensors and devices that are currently in use. 

Neurons within the chip learn and recognize patterns extracted from any data sources, such as images, audio waveform, bio signals, text and more. NERRO can achieve this learning and recognition with less energy and complexity than modern microprocessors. It is perfectly suited for dealing with ill-defined, fuzzy data, high variability of context, and even novelty detection.

Oceanit has over 20 years of experience with developing software and hardware systems for AI applications. The NERRO chip is representative of a set of technologies from years of experience in developing sensing technologies for systems with large data rates per sensor (up to many Gbps) with large scale networks to provide “operationally relevant” output in any reasonable amount of time.

  • Size less than 4.5mm across
  • Weighs less than 2oz
  • Low power consumption (less than 150mW in active mode)
  • Operates without a network connection (edge computing)
  • Recognizes patterns 50X faster than current industry software