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Oceanit’s Perhydra is a scalable surface treatment to impart extreme hydrophilicity for metal, alloy, polymer, composite, and ceramic substrates. The treatment improves the spreading and wettability of water-based solutions, while reducing frictional drag. Perhydra reduces the occurrence of corrosion, increases abrasion resistance, and is designed for use in conditions where extreme temperature and pressure exist.
Infrared imaging shows enhanced water spreading with Perhydra (bottom) vs. bare steel (top)

The Perhydra process transforms the surface of the substrate through a proprietary treatment process engineered by Oceanit. Treated surfaces subsequently become highly attractive to water based fluids, allowing for near-total wetting. The surface treatment process is highly scalable with applications for substrates and components on length scales ranging from less than an inch to hundreds of feet and longer. Sample applications include: improving water-spreading in evaporative coolers, ensuring uniform coverage and adhesion of water-based paints and solutions on surfaces, and reducing mechanical friction through enhanced lubricant adhesion.

  • Creates a permanent, extremely hydrophilic surface
  • Increases spreading of water-based coatings and slurries
  • Highly scalable process suitable for metal substrates and components for a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Excellent temperature and pressure stability
  • Imparts corrosion, abrasion, and erosion resistance to treated surface
  • Reduces drag and improves flow over metal surfaces