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Anthronoetic Artificial Intelligence

A linguistics-centric approach to strong artificial intelligence

Oceanit is actively developing the next-generation artificial intelligence technology, known as ‘anthronoetic artificial intelligence,’ that replicates human-style cognition. We call this next-generation approach to AI: Noetic Mathematical Engine (NoME).

Statistical machine learning is the ‘state of the art’ in the current-generation of AI; integrating advanced algorithms with increasingly powerful computers and big data to infer answers for critical strategic, societal, and scientific problems.

Oceanit's anthronoetic AI focuses on natural language processing, a linguistic-centric approach designed to think in a human style. This unique approach utilizes linguistics and analogy algorithms to derive not only an answer or description, but meaning and explanations.

NoME answers the question: "does this make sense?" And says, "here is why...".

These explanations will enable a user to understand both what the NoME output was and how NoME arrived at that output. Through this approach, we hope to replicate the human thought process in computers and surpass the current, big data approaches of neural networks.

To learn more about how NoME brings the next generation of human-style capabilities to machines, visit Oceanit's Anthonoetic artificial intelligence website.