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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most inegral and oldest engineering professions, and deals with large and small scale infrastructure planning and execution. Oceanit has practical experience and extensive technical expertise in all areas of civil engineering. Our diverse engineering teams tackle a wide range of complex problems and deliver timely, cost-saving solutions to a diverse client base. In addition to traditional civil engineering work, Oceanit’s areas of expertise include the following.

Flood Mapping and Mitigation

Accurate modeling of watersheds and drainage facilities and a clear understanding of development in the flood plain are essential to protect lives, roads, homes, neighborhoods, and cities from devastating floods. Oceanit has expertise in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analysis, stormwater system modeling, flood plain and drainage studies, flood reduction and civil design, stormwater management, stream restoration, and watershed management. Using geographic information system data and advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, we accurately assess floodplain hydraulics, drainage system adequacy, flow restrictions at bridges, and dam safety.

Wastewater and Outfall Monitoring

The disposal of treated wastewater must be regulated and monitored to ensure the vitality of our ocean waters and health of those who use them, from coral and fish to humans. Planning, instrument deployment, diffusion measurements, modeling, dye dispersion tests, and reporting are all a part of outfall discharge monitoring to ensure protection of public health, environment, and ecology.

Environmental Planning and Permitting

Oceanit’s capabilities run the gamut for environmental projects, from environmental studies and planning, document preparation, and environmental mitigation design to full environmental assessments and environmental impact statements (EIS). We have the capability to prepare EIS and environmental assessments for the National Environmental Policy Act and the State of Hawaii, Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 343.

We are frequently engaged to assist clients with federal, state, and local permits, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sections 10 and 404, Department of Health 401 Water Quality Certification, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits, Coastal Zone Management Act, Conservation District Use Permits, Special Management Area Permits, Shoreline Setback Variance, Stream Channel Alteration Permit, and Dam Safety Permits.

Explore the projects below for a cross section of completed work for clients.