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Coastal Engineering

For over 30 years, Oceanit’s group of highly qualified coastal engineers, planners, scientists, and managers have been dedicated to solving the unique and diverse challenges facing coastal communities in Hawaii and around the Pacific.

Our experienced professionals have a reputation for excellence in deep science & disruptive technology and we apply a human-centered approach to engineer innovative solutions to complex challenges. We are dedicated to resilient and sustainable engineering for shorelines and the communities near them - pioneering inventive technologies to solve coastal issues when traditional methods don’t fit. 

From beach erosion to novel artificial reef construction, Oceanit's engineers are developing responsible, sustainable solutions for communities and our marine life.

Oceanit staff have expertise in developing numerical and physical models to replicate dynamic coastal processes, including the impacts of sea-level rise on the shoreline. In addition, we are skilled at developing and deploying advanced instruments to collect data from the marine environment. See our iBeach system for erosion mitigation and beach protection for a sample of what Oceanit can do and has done in the past to protect Hawai'i. Project experience includes beach restoration, shoreline erosion protection, coastal process characterization studies, shoreline construction permitting, and repair of seawall and other historic shoreline protection structures.

Explore the projects below for a cross section of completed work for clients;