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Environmental Engineering

Whether water quality monitoring or watershed restoration, Oceanit's team of seasoned engineers and scientists provides innovative solutions and personal attention to help you meet needs and protect the environment and human health.

Environmental Monitoring and Best Management Practices

Oceanit’s philosophy behind ecosystem restoration involves serving as environmental stewards, sensitivity to surroundings, and preserving resources for future generations. As engineers and scientists, we build solutions for the betterment of clients and humankind. We execute this work in a way that meets client needs in a way that is least harmful to the environment, or ideally, is beneficial to it.

Water Quality Management and Resources and Watershed and Wetland Restoration

We must safeguard water resources to sustain safe and reliable sources of water for drinking, industrial and agricultural uses, and our natural environment. Oceanit has decades of experience in groundwater resource development and assessment. Oceanit staff are capable of siting and assessing wells and providing analysis for saltwater intrusion.

Explore the projects below for a cross section of completed work for clients.