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Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management (OCM) focuses on guiding organizations through fundamental and lasting change. OCM is the proactive integration of addressing the people side of change management during business process re-engineering, systems and technology conversions, organizational restructuring, and workplace culture shifts. Recent research has shown without this framework, up to 75 percent of business transformation efforts fail.

With over 25 years of experience bringing innovative solutions to client’s problems, Oceanit’s organizational change management programs create a synergy that integrates people and culture into every aspect of business transformation. This unique approach focuses on strengthening leadership, developing effective communication programs, and ensuring employee readiness through mentoring and training. Underlying these activities are proactive resistance management and conflict resolution strategies. Change is the new normal, and Oceanit can help your business or organization achieve on-going performance, increase engagement, optimize processes, realize change goals, and retain key talent.