Oceanit's platform for disruptive energy & climate innovations that impact our planet, humans, and society.


Humanity is faced with both an enormous challenge and opportunity as we evolve the way humans produce, store, and consume energy. Climate change, and the devastating human and environmental toll it exacts around the globe, demands our focus to marshal science, technology, and engineering to address this global crisis. Global Energy Transition refers to the shift from fossil-based systems of energy production - such as oil of coal - to renewable and sustainable energy sources, like wind, solar, and geothermal, as well as battery technologies. EDGE is Oceanit’s platform to further energy transformation and decarbonization for the Global Environment: disruptive innovations and technologies that are safe, reliable, affordable, and can impact our planet, humans, and society.

Energy Efficiency

On average, the world’s fossil fuel-fired power generation is produced at just 40% efficiency, primarily due to heat loss

CO2 Increases

Since 1970, CO2 emissions have increased by about 90%, primarily driven by increasing fossil fuel combustion

Greenhouse Gas

CO2 makes up 65% of greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from fossil fuels and industrial processes

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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Partners,


Oceanit is happy to introduce EDGE, our initiative for energy transformation, decarbonization, and the environment that addresses Climate Change and its impact on humans, society, and the planet. The climate crisis is the defining issue of our era. We are all very concerned about the devastating environmental toll that has been exacted around the globe, by both developed and emerging nations, in pursuit of energy. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that with a determination to marshal science, technology, and engineering, as well as a willingness to discover, explore, and deploy disruptive innovations, we can make a difference and leave the world on a better course for the future.


The modern world we all enjoy runs on energy – and most of what we do each day requires energy.  Wars are fought over energy, as chronicled in Daniel Yergin’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power. The realization that our methods and use of energy, largely reliant on petroleum since 1859, are harming our planet calls us to action. This enormous challenge creates a vast opportunity to influence how humanity will evolve the way we produce, consume, and manage energy. This is a global issue of local consequence that demands an upheaval of modern norms, a transformation on par with the industrial revolution or the propagation of the electrical power grid in the last centuries.   


In the 1970s, I was introduced to a book called The Limits to Growth – A Report for THE CLUB OF ROME’S Project on the Predicament of Mankind, by Donella Meadows, et. al. The book forecasted global calamity as the world’s population growth outstripped global resources and lurched forward toward starvation and economic collapse. This did not happen: science and technology prevailed to change the calculus and outcomes of those dire predictions.


Then in 2006, US Vice President Al Gore articulated the threat of full-scale, global climate calamity in An Inconvenient Truth – The Crisis of Global Warming. I believe fundamental science can work to change the calculus once again, so that we may fulfil climate commitments and limit the rise of global temperatures. Our collective and ongoing response has come to be referred to as the ‘global energy transformation’.


I believe we can achieve energy transformation through imagination -- better ideas on energy; disruptive ideas, from beyond left field, that cover a vast array of issues like efficiency, renewables, carbon sequestration, and more. EDGE encompasses these ideas, programs, projects, and products that Oceanit will deliver to address climate change and decarbonization.


Disruptive innovation is where Oceanit is at its best; it’s our zone -- solving important and impossible problems.  With EDGE and our approach to disruptive innovation, Intellectual Anarchy, we will contribute to solving this era’s most critical challenge -- energy transformation and decarbonization for our planet.




Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan

Oceanit CEO & Founder

we can influence global change now

Sustainable and renewable energy sources are our future. Solar, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, and more are all necessary for the long-term health of our planet. Yet, systemic change will not happen instantaneously, and we must not wait until renewables become reality – we can influence change now.

EDGE addresses the necessary task of improving systems already in place, while simultaneously creating new energy paradigms. We must rethink the entire energy ecosystem from exploration & production, through transmission, refining, and distribution, to carbon sequestration and new clean energies.

Through EDGE and Oceanit’s “Intellectual Anarchy” approach to creating disruptive innovation, we are committed to addressing this era’s most critical challenge — energy transformation and decarbonization for our planet.


Exploration & Production

From smart metamaterials to novel hydrogen technologies, we’re working to modernize our energy sources and move towards greater sustainability while reducing environmental impact. 

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Transmission & Refining

Inefficiencies in transmission and refining are some of our largest sources of pollution. Advanced AI, nanocomposites, and thermal technologies can reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and incentivize improvement. 

Power Generation & Distribution

The world runs on energy, and so to avoid catastrophic warming we must clean up carbon and scale our renewable and sustainable power supplies. We are working to reduce emissions, develop clean fuels, improve storage, and support decarbonization. 

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