Advanced manufacturing is rapidly changing the competitive landscape. Technology is pushing operations to more adaptive, productive capabilities of delivering rapid innovation and disruptive, high-value technology.

The Oceanit advantage lies in our transdisciplinary thinking which leads us to new ways of manufacturing existing products and developing new products from innovative advanced technologies. Oceanit blends information, automation, computation, software, sensing, and networking with cutting-edge materials and emerging capabilities, such as nanotechnology, chemistry, and biology.

Oceanit engineers prototype early and often in our in-house ‘Maker’ space to ensure that our designs are fine-tuned.  We have 3D printing capabilities which allow us to experiment with many form factors and materials during this design process.  Our technologies include

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM – thermoplstic filament exttruded through a nozzle)
  • Stereo-Lithography (SLA – photo-reactive resins cured with a laser)
  • Digital Light Procession (DLP – photo-reactive resins cured with a projected image)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS – thermoplastic or metal powder fused toegether with a laser)

With these methods of 3D printed prototypes, Oceanit is able to make everything from simple models to functional parts which can be integrated into operable products.  This rapid prototyping approach is just one way that Oceanit is delivering advanced designs and manufacturing innovative products.

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