Creating Breakthrough Innovation at the 5th Annual Design Thinking Hawaii Bootcamps


What is Design Thinking? Design Thinking is a human centered methodology used for creative problem solving. Developed and practiced at Stanford University, including the Graduate School of Business, the innovative process can be used to inform one’s own business practice, or taught as a framework to solve complex problems within an organization. Interested in gaining hands-on experience and learning how to effectively apply the design thinking process to your organization?

The 5th Annual Design Thinking Hawaii Summer Bootcamps will feature two separate events during an action-packed week. An Introductory Bootcamp will start on June 22 and end at lunch on June 24, while an Intermediate Bootcamp will start at lunch on June 24 and end on June 26.

The Introductory Bootcamp will provide an intensive environment to develop and hone skills in design thinking. Teams will be developed and will work on a challenge which will impact Hawaii. The Intermediate Bootcamp will provide organizations with an opportunity to bring a problem to address and will provide a closer look into enhance organizational capacity in design thinking and deeper dives in specific modes of design thinking.

Oceanit began the long-term process to learn and practice Design Thinking in 2010 and in 2011 co-founded the annual Design Thinking Hawaii Stanford 3-Day Boot Camp. We also host Design Thinking workshops and consulting services for government organizations and businesses, to spark strategic, creative and innovative solutions for the end user.

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