Hoana Medical and Faurecia Partner to Provide Innovative Technologies to Meet Consumer Demands for Increased Connectivity at Detroit Auto Show

faurecia active wellnesstm

Hoana Medical, Inc., a spin-off from Oceanit, and Faurecia Worldwide, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, demonstrated the Active Wellness™ seat at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January. This state-of-the-art automotive seat focuses on enhancing the well-being of drivers and their driving experience.

The Active Wellness™ seat goes beyond detecting the physical and mental status of drivers and occupants by invoking countermeasures to restore individuals to a healthy driving condition. Using Hoana’s uniquely designed sensor technology and advanced proprietary algorithms to measure heart rate and breathing rhythms, this data is then used to apply a specific massage pattern, combined with heating or cooling adjustments to the seat’s ventilation system, to relax or re‑energize the occupant.

Incorporating the first biometric system that does not affect the comfort or appearance of the seat, the system aims to improve the overall driving experience and to help people exit the vehicle feeling better than when they first entered. Active Wellness™ is also the first technology capable of overcoming noise and vibrations to provide accurate feedback to mechanical, thermal, pneumatic, and computer systems.

“We are delighted Faurecia has integrated Hoana’s technology into its Active Wellness™ seat,” stated Eddie Chen, Hoana Medical’s President and Chief Operating Officer, “It is a game changer for the cockpit of the car.”

Click here to watch how the Active Wellness™ seat enhances the driving experience. For more information about Hoana Medical’s product line and services, please visit their website at http://www.hoana.com.

The Active Wellness™ seat places driver well-being at the core of the vehicle. Photo courtesy of Faurecia North America.