IN THE NEWS | Halawa Inmates Use Altino to Learn Computer Programming

halawa inmates learning computer coding   oceanit   in the news

Oceanit is using the robotic teaching platform, Altino, to help inmates from the Halawa Correctional Facility learn how to code. Inmates now have resources to a multitude of languages such as Android, Arduino, and C++. By using a robotic car, they can learn through exercises that are interactive, motivating, and fun.

“The nice thing about having a car is it’s a physical thing that you can see, so you’re not just staring at a screen for hours, “ says lead Altino teacher, Sumil Thapa. “When you type your code, send it to the car and if the car does what you’re expecing, you did a great job. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.”

For many, this is also an opportunity that could greatly improve the chances of acquiring jobs after prison. “I’m actually going to go to college and get hopefully, an associate’s degree in business management and technology. So this kind of coincides with what I’m going to do,” Silvia said.

Source: “Some Halawa Inmates are Learning Computer Programming” by KITV4 Island News.