IN THE NEWS | Oceanit Continues DHS Remote Sensor Data Protection and Anti-Spoofing Development

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HONOLULU, Sep. 2, 2021 —  Oceanit is moving into the second phase of research and development on a ‘Remote Sensor Data Protection and Anti-Spoofing’ solution, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Phase II project will move towards a functional prototype and demonstration of Oceanit’s remote sensor spoofing detection technology.

Devices such as imaging sensors, RF detectors, and others are difficult to protect and secure in the field and may be vulnerable to cyber attacks or spoofing. DHS considers Oceanit’s anti-spoofing technology critical to missions and for sensor data integrity and security.

“The development of an advanced system that not only provides valuable data but also protects it from manipulation will allow law enforcement to accurately and efficiently monitor operational situations,” said Kathryn Coulter Mitchell, senior official performing the duties of the DHS undersecretary for science and technology.

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