IN THE NEWS | Oceanit News Update October 20th

Altino, COVID-19, In the News
Photo credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Oceanit continues to earn local and national media coverage for our work during the ongoing global pandemic; both in direct response to our ASSURE-19 rapid saliva test development and on our efforts to help Hawai’i rebuild stability and sustainability in education, jobs, economic diversification, and more.

The Oceanit Research Foundation and SURF initiative have received wonderful feedback for the successful launch of The website was launched with the help of our sponsors to offer our Altino Coding training program virtually and completely free. While schools and remote learning remain in a state of constant change during this unorthodox time, a usable platform for teachers and students makes sure that important computer science skills aren’t falling to the wayside. Ian Kitajima joined the CoronaMama Zoom Room show to speak about online learning using Altino, watch the episode here:

On October 8th, Hawaii Public Radio spoke about ASSURE-19 and how it could impact safe reopening in Hawaii, just one week before transpacific flights with quarantine exemptions would restart. For Hawaii residents, questions still lingered on how, when, and where inbound visitors would test for Covid-19 to ensure we keep our island safe. ASSURE-19, with its speed, convenience, and low cost, was at the forefront of many minds as a possible solution. You can listen to the show here:

On October 16th, CEO Dr. Patrick Sullivan had a virtual conversation with Honolulu Star-Advertiser on their Spotlight Hawaii livestream show.  He spoke about all-things-ASSURE-19, including time frame, FDA authorizations, costs, and keeping manufacturing in Hawai’i. Check both the video and the article at these links:

Outside of the benefits of rapid regular Covid-19 testing, the economic potential of producing coronavirus tests in Hawai’i is unprecedented, especially with the current economic state.  We truly feel that this could be a jumping off point for a new economic mindset in Hawai’i. Training workers, who may have been laid off due to the pandemic, in medical technology is one step in the long-discussed process of making Hawai’i a more self sufficient economy. Hawaii Business News discusses this economic reinvention in this October 19th article:

We are moving quickly to complete ASSURE-19 data collection to meet FDA application standards and obtain emergency usage approval, which we expect to achieve in a matter weeks. FDA authorization is required in order for the ASSURE-19 tests to be used in a non-experimental setting and for results to be accepted by the state for travelers. The Star Advertiser discusses protective equipment and ASSURE-19 in an article, here:

The University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business Alumni Association and the Travel Industry Management International, Inc hosted Dr. Patrick Sullivan ang with Lt Gov Josh Green and more Hawaii leaders for a webinar on supporting the re-opening of Hawaii’s tourism industry.  A panel discussion on Re-opening Focused Health Safety Technology & Policy Innovation was published October 7th, and you can watch the live recording here: