IN THE NEWS | SPARK Day: Scanite Smart Sensing Cement


On Thursday, July 30th, Oceanit hosted an invitation-only, virtual SPARK day event in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Shell Oil Company. SPARK stands for Special Presentation of Advanced Research & Knowledge. These targeted events focus on Oceanit’s latest and most-advanced projects, products, services, and partnerships.

75 attendees from various service companies and major energy firms – and from expertise areas like cementing, offshore, onshore, and unconventional wells – joined our Houston team on a video webinar to learn more about the ongoing development of Scanite Smart Cement. Working with the DOE’s ‘Technology Development & Integration Center for Oil & Gas’, Scanite ‘Smart Cement’ was developed as an advanced, acoustically-responsive cement additive to revolutionize well integrity diagnostics and monitoring.

The event featured two guest speakers: Hani Elshahawi, Shell Oil Company’s Digitalization Lead for Deepwater Technologies, and the U.S. Dept of Energy’s William Fincham from the National Energy Technology Laboratory who serves as the Scanite program manager. During the webinar, Oceanit’s Dr. Jacob Pollock presented on the current status of Scanite and our scale testing in Honolulu followed by the Houston Manufacturing & Scale-up facility team giving a live demonstration of the manufacturing process for Scanite Smart Cement.

You can learn more about Scanite by visiting