Introducing MAMBA: Oceanit’s New All-Sky Camera


Concurrent with the biggest astronomy conference in the world, the XXIX General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, Oceanit is introducing a new all-sky infrared camera. Known as MAMBA (Meteorological Atmospheric Measurement Bolometer Array), it continually and simultaneously monitors atmospheric conditions enabling very expensive and limited astronomy equipment to do its job.

MAMBA is a third-generation design with improved sky coverage, resolution, and noise properties. MAMBA will be able to infer atmospheric transmittance to within a few percent. The all-sky camera combines an equiresolution optical design with an off-the-shelf thermal detector and in field blackbody calibration sources to provide uniform sensitivity and radiometric accuracy across the sky at relatively low price point. This system combines a next generation thermal all-sky camera, a weather station, and a neural net trained on historic Radiosonde profiles.

Oceanit is taking orders for MAMBA for delivery in 2016, making this game-changing technology available for the astronomical community. Contact [email protected] or (808) 531-3017 for more information.

mamba render

MAMBA is an all-sky camera designed to measure atmospheric transmittance, precipitable water vapor, and cloud cover at night—a must have for the world’s finest astronomy observatories.