Oceanit Becomes a Sponsor of the Trust for Public Land

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Oceanit is accelerating into 2023 by becoming a proud partner of the Trust for Public Land, and the first organization to join TPL’s Corporate ‘Ohana program’.

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is a national organization that works on conservation and public access projects throughout the United States. They believe in creating parks and protecting land for all people to ensure healthy, livable communities for generations to come – a vision that Oceanit shares.

The four pillars of commitment that drive TPL’s work are Equity, Health, Climate, and Community. Equity focuses on driving down the disparities in park access that exist along racial and economic lines. Health is TPL’s commitment to building quality ‘close-to-home’ park access to improve social, physical, mental, and environmental health. Climate considers how parks and green spaces intersect with resilience against flooding, drought, heat, and other effects of climate change. And lastly, Community is TPL’s mission to build stronger, more connected societies through open space.

Since 1985, Oceanit has been dedicated to protecting and sustaining coastal ecosystems and communities through our work in responsible and innovative engineering, science, and technology – a mission that perfectly aligns with the work being done by TPL.

TPL has many ongoing projects around Hawaii, including their recent skate park event at A’ala Park near downtown Honolulu in December 2022, which Oceanit attended. The A’ala Park work is the inaugural effort in a broader project that TPL is undertaking, called ‘Parks for People’. Under Parks for People, TPL will work with stakeholders in the areas surrounding parks, employing a collaborative grassroots community-based participatory redesign process, bringing together residents, park users, and local businesses to build a shared vision for the future of each site.

As a new sponsor, Oceanit has been invited to participate in TPL’s annual community workday, which is held each year on Earth Day, April 22. The workday will take place at Kahuku Point (Kahuku Kawela) on O’ahu’s North Shore, where TPL has successfully conserved 630 acres of coastal area surrounding Turtle Bay Resort. The historic conservation agreement was signed on October 2015, ensuring this stretch of irreplaceable and undeveloped shoreline will remain that way forever.

The Oceanit Ohana will send twenty employees to join TPL on Earth Day, working to clean up and preserve Kahuku Kawela lands. The group will work to remove invasive species, plant new native plants, and perform other tasks that help to restore the coastal dune ecosystem for birds and wildlife.

Visit https://www.tpl.org/ to support the Trust for Public Land and learn more about their ongoing work. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube:

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