Oceanit Displaying Innovative Technologies at Hawai’i Tourism Conference Tech Hub

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Travelers today are seeking the next great adventure. With the travel industry numbers continuing to grow, the 2016 Hawai‘i Tourism Conference is highlighting innovators who are changing the face of tourism, marketing, and traveler experiences by leveraging advancements in technology. Located in the Village Square at the Hawai‘i Convention Center, the centerpiece of this year’s conference, Tech Hub will showcase the remarkable innovations Hawai‘i companies have to offer.

Oceanit will be featured in the conference’s Tech Hub alongside Ibis Networks, High Technology Development Corporation, XLR8UH, and other local tech companies during the week of September 26. Oceanit will showcase innovative technologies developed to protect beaches and ocean shores, educate on sea level rise and coastal erosion, protect structures and metal products from corrosion, and provide cleaner facilities for the travel industry.

Presented by the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA), the 2016 Hawai’i Tourism Conference brings together thought leaders, visionaries, suppliers, operators, and policymakers to collaborate on new ideas and best practices for improving the industry on a global scale. Sessions will discuss topics important to future travel, including culture, environment, climate change, technology, and global marketing.

Along with speakers and workshops at the event, HTA will also unveil its new virtual reality marketing campaign. Using computer technology simulation, attendees will be able to participate in a 3D immersive experience, such as parasailing over the Hawaiian Islands. GoHawai’i will also provide a sneak peek of their website scheduled for release next year, as well as introduce the latest update for their mobile app.

In a generation constantly surrounded by technology, it is no surprise that it is changing the tourism industry. Oceanit is proud to be part of HTA’s first Tech Hub highlighting technology used to enhance the tourist experience.

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