Oceanit Spin-Off, Ibis Networks, Partners with the University of Hawai‘i to Cut Electricity Costs


The University of Hawai‘i (UH) and Ibis Networks, an Oceanit spin-off, have launched an innovative pilot project to help the university cut electricity costs. Using 1,300 InteliSockets and energy management software platforms installed at three UH campuses—Windward Community College, UH Mānoa, and UH Hilo—the project has the potential to save up to $200,000 over five years.

InteliSockets plug into existing electrical outlets and collect energy usage information for every device on the network. This information is then monitored via a website to allow users to recommend shutting off devices when not in use, replacing inefficient devices with modern energy-efficient devices, and modifying equipment and/or user behavior by managing device usage during core business hours.

“The first step for any institution working to control its energy costs is to obtain detailed data on their actual energy usage,” said Michael Pfeffer, CEO of Ibis Networks. “The InteliNetwork Platform enables large institutions to securely measure and control their Plug Load energy use, whether they have 100 devices or 100,000 spread across multiple campuses. Ibis is proud to work with our partners to help UH understand the potential for significant Plug Load energy savings and we look forward to helping the University achieve its energy savings goals.”

Click here to view the UH video release on this energy-saving pilot project.