U.S. Air Force Contracts Oceanit to Develop Advanced Anti-Icing Coating


Oceanit was contracted by the U.S. Air Force to develop an advanced

Oceanit was contracted by the U.S. Air Force to develop an advanced coating to minimize icing for heat exchanger/condenser applications associated with an air cycle machine for aircraft cooling requirements. Oceanit’s innovation presents remarkable improvements in icephobic coating technology and long-term corrosion resistance that have stymied previous efforts to prevent and/or minimize ice formation on metal surfaces with spray-on coatings. The successful development of this novel coating technology will improve the ice repellency on various components in the aircraft and can be applied to other water, ice, and snow prone components.

During early studies, Oceanit conducted successful testing that demonstrated the efficacy of its technology and established the need for larger-scale pilot testing of its proprietary coating technologies. The advanced studies made possible in this phase will enable Oceanit to complete the pre-commercialization validation and prepare Oceanit to successfully commercialize this coating technology to various commercial infrastructures, including household, food, automobile, aviation, marine, and oil and gas industries.