U.S. EPA Awards Oceanit to Develop Corrosion Resistant Treatment


We are pleased to announce that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Oceanit $100,000 to develop a nontoxic coating for use in water pipeline repair. The innovation will advance from the business’ EverPel coating, a nanotechnology-based treatment that prevents and protects existing pipelines from corrosion. Treated pipes are capable to endure wide ranges of temperatures, pressures, and marine environments without deterioration or loss of quality.

Funding for EverPel would allow refurbishment to heavily corroded pipes without the need to replace aging pipes. Besides cost saving benefits, treated pipes would also be able to reduce drag resistance and pumping power, increasing flow assurance and efficiency.

“Utilizing Oceanit’s family of EverPel repellent coatings, which can be applied in-situ via in-line pigging to previously worn and in-service pipelines, we are addressing the need for rapid, cost-efficient refurbishment of water transport pipelines without the need for full excavation and replacement,” said Matthew Nakatsuka, Senior Materials Engineer for Oceanit. “We look forward to applying and adapting research and technologies from the energy and defense sectors to addressing this pressing domestic concern, and are excited to work with the EPA in developing new ways to promote public health and infrastructure safety.”

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