AI Directional Drilling: How Machine Learning Can Augment Current Abilities

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Until the world is able to rely fully on renewable energies, fossil fuel use (particularly natural gas) will continue to be an important focus of innovation. In particular, Oceanit has been seeing how Machine Learning can augment capabilities to make the process cleaner, less hazardous, and deliver better outcomes.

Directional and horizontal drilling now account for most new oil and natural gas wells. While a reliance on fossil fuels exists, a goal of the environmentally-concerned community is to improve the efficiency and safety of these wells. Oceanit has developed an innovative AI-driven system to help improve both their economics and effectiveness to rival that of human experts. We call the innovation ‘Deep Thought’ after the computer from Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy.

In a January E&P Magazine article, James Andrews, Oceanit’s Head of Marketing, explains how ‘Deep Thought’ was created, what has been accomplished and what Oceanit will deliver in the future.

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