Seek Out Chaos, It’s Ripe With Opportunities


When times are good, we rarely consider changing things.  Chaos creates the conditions for change to occur and impresses the urgency that change is needed. One of Oceanit’s core principles is to seek out chaos so that we can create positive change via human-centered design and technology.

At the ʻAha Kūkā Kani Ka Pū Distance Learning Summit on June 2nd/3rd, 2020, Ian Kitajima, Tech Sherpa at Oceanit, delivered the closing keynote, a synthesis of his thoughts, feelings, and actions needed for the future of Hawaii’s students and workforce.  He spoke to 200 of Hawaii’s educators and education leaders during the COVID-19 shutdown.

As Oceanit’s Tech Sherpa, Ian often speaks about seeing “around the bend” and into the near and distant future. He validated educators’ actions in helping students build essential, future-proof skills and also urged Hawaii to continue to evolve, even when times seem good.  Virtual teaching, remote learning, and life long learning have all come to the forefront during the pandemic and the ‘cutting edge’ in education moves ever-forward.

While chaos creates the urgent need for change, Ian, Oceanit, and state educators understand that change needs to be a constant. We cannot rest on our laurels when jobs, skills and entire economies are shifting, but rather we must seize each day and innovate whenever possible – starting with our schools and education.

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